For The Foodies, Taqueria Al Lado

August 19, 2022 | Uncategorized
For The Foodies, Taqueria Al Lado

As winners of international cooking competitions, the owners of Taqueria Al Lado, James and Steve, are the co-founders and head chefs of the steak house. Experienced and passionate chefs that want to serve their community the best delicacies that will satisfy everyone’s tastebuds. 

Back in 1985, James became dedicated to serving the most delicious recipes to foodies, like he is himself. James and passionate chef Steve then met, had mutual goals, and the dream became a reality. 

Now serving over 1,000 customers daily, the chefs are forever humbled by the outpouring of love they have received, and will continually strive for the best. 

The restaurant’s menu has so many different dishes, for anyone to find something they love. From classics like tacos, quesadillas, and huaraches. With Carnitas, Chorizo, Suadero, Lengua, and Chicken Tinga options available from all three. Then, salad options also feature the same meats. 

Finally, finish it off with some dessert. Such as Almond Torte, Apple Brie Tart, Chocolate Soufflé, and Crème Caramel. 

Taqueria Al Lado is located at 1792 Columbia Rd Nw, Washington DC 20009.