Support DC Arts at Dupont Underground

June 12, 2022 | Uncategorized
Support DC Arts at Dupont Underground

Everyone loves a good laugh! Everyone loves supporting a good cause! So, why not do both? Well, now you can at Comedy Down at Dupont Underground. The series brings comedians from all over the world to always be providing its audience with new jokes, new laughs, and new experiences. The show helps support the Dupont Underground and things art in DC. Keep art alive in DC and have some laughs while doing it too! 

The Dupont Underground is a cultural organization committed to developing a multidisciplinary platform for creative expression. With a dedication to transforming the subterranean streetcar station in Dupont Circle, into a new public infrastructure to support creative endeavors. 

Dupont’s aim is to introduce audiences to the most hysterical up-and-coming comedians from around the DC area, and beyond. The proceeds from these events go to continuing the arts in DC. 

Additionally, local vendors are welcome to showcase their art to guests, from clothing, paintings, and much more. 

This June the Comedy Down at Dupont Underground showcase takes place on June 8 and June 22. So, get ready to laugh and get your tickets now!