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Beware of the Demon Cat at Amerighost’s Washington DC Haunted Tours

Posted on 2019-10-09 15:49:08 by

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Did you know that Washington’s Lafayette Park is also dubbed “Tragedy Square”? Or that there are longstanding tales about feuding ghosts of past lawmakers on Capitol Hill? Discover the spookier side of the Nation’s Capital with Amerighost’s Washington DC Haunted Tours. Ghost hunters and history buffs alike will take pleasure in the authentic and detailed tours, from the Victorian-era costumes on the “spirit” guides, to the incredible wealth of facts and folklore touched upon during each presentation.

Choose from Ghosts of Lafayette Park or Capitol Hill Haunts for the low price of just $10-$17 per person. Groups of all types and sizes are welcome, so gather up friends, family, teammates, or other groups to celebrate Halloween with an informative and entertaining night in DC. But keep your eyes open for the Demon Cat. The guards on Capitol Hill claim that this ghostly spirit haunts them to this very day.