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Watch a Heroine Find Her Voice in "The Heiress" at Arena Stage

Posted on 2019-02-14 16:56:03 by

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Every person must go on a journey to find their identity and their voice, but it’s a particularly arduous adventure for Catherine Sloper. She’s the heroine of The Heiress at Arena Stage, and it’s her journey of self-discovery that you’ll tag along on when you come to see the play on stage now through March 10th.

Catherine Sloper is not a naturally charismatic or gregarious woman, but she did have homes and dreams—at least, she used to. Her overbearing father nearly crushed them with his constant criticism. However, when Catherine meets a potential love interest, he restores her hope for a different kind of future. Her renewed zest for life carries Catherine even after an unexpected turn of events, and she discovers the person she was always meant to be. Invite a few friends to join you on Catherine’s journey and snag tickets to The Heiress starting at $50.