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Dig Into Brunch at A Baked Joint

Posted on 2018-08-09 18:01:50 by

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If you’re looking for a new spot to do brunch, A Baked Joint may be it. The eatery bakes its own bread, crafts inventive sweet and savory eats for breakfast, and dishes out pizza a little later in the day. Its freshly baked bread stars in the artisan toasts on the brunch menu. Order yours topped with Nutella, butter, and Maldon salt; peanut butter and bananas with a drizzle of honey; or labneh yogurt, za’atar seasoning, olive oil, lemon zest, and a pinch of salt.

Craving something a little heartier? Customers rave about the biscuit sammy, which begins with a warm and flaky biscuit, and organic fried egg, and mayo. Then you add your choice of meat and cheese or goat cheese infused with fresh herbs. If you’re looking for something sweet, the creme brulee French toast is a favorite on Saturday and Sunday mornings (it’s not offered during the week). A sweet caramelized crust encircles the golden-brown toast, which the chef tops with fresh fruit and serves with applewood-smoked bacon on the side.