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Enjoy a Modern Take on Israeli Food at Shouk

Posted on 2018-07-26 18:32:04 by

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Shouk opened just recently in Union Market, but the awards and accolades are already rolling in. The Washington Post named it one of the best fast-casual spots, and Forbes included it in their top 10 food and restaurant trends. Come experience for yourself their modern take on Israeli street food.

Choose from a whole-wheat pita or bowl with rice and lentils, and then top it with their flavorful vegetable fillings. There are plenty of all vegetable options that pack so much flavor that you won’t miss the animal protein a bit. You can also get a salad or round out your meal with their awesome snacks, like cashew labneh with fresh pita or polenta fries. The service is lightening fast, and the number of distinct meal combinations will have you craving another visit. Shouk also caters snacks, pita boxes, and rice and lentil platters that make the perfect office lunch or party food. Check out the options online, or try their online ordering service for an even easier route to their fresh flavors.

Public Domain/Pixabay/jcvelis