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Experience Trinidadian Food in a Fast-Casual Setting at Kaiso

Posted on 2018-06-22 18:15:26 by

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Kaiso, the new Trinidadian restaurant in Edgewood, may have opened up just a few weeks ago, but it’s a project that’s been a lifetime in the making. For years, while Adessa Barker was working as an attorney, she kept up her passion for the cuisine and culture of her native Trinidad. In 2017, she bet it all on becoming the head chef of her very own restaurant. The result is Kaiso, an authentic and welcoming Trinidadian take on the fast-casual restaurant experience.

Here’s how it works: choose your protein from options like curried chicken and oxtail and pair it with a base of roti, rice, kale or dhalpuri. Then, you can add two sides like coconut pumpkin and garlic spinach and sauces to spice it up. To make it a three-course meal, start with pholourie (fried split peas dough with chutney) and finish with a tasty cassava cake.