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Treat Yourself to Something Sweet at Emmorton Snowballs & Ice Cream

Posted on 2018-05-08 20:06:55 by

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It might be hard to believe that the original owner of Emmorton Snowballs & Ice Cream used to sit idle in between her occasional customers. After all, today, it's rare to show up at the stand and not see a line at least a few families deep in front of the window. But back in the early days in 1981, Ms. Chris did spend much of her day just waiting for customers to appear.

Now nearly 40 years later, the sweet snowballs and gourmet ice cream always attract crowds during the spring and summer. Step up to the window and order a snowball in flavors such as raspberry, Hawaiian vanilla, or honeydew. You can also savor a snowball sundae, like the Snickers. It's a chocolate snowball loaded with peanut butter sauce, caramel, and peanuts. Craving ice cream? Emmorton offers hand-dipped options like espresso chip, double-fudge brownie, and coconut-pineapple.