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Savor a Sweet Treat at Pitango Gelato

Posted on 2018-05-08 19:48:52 by

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Pitango Gelato is a far cry from the ice cream shops you frequented as a child. For one thing, it doesn't serve ice cream at all, but rather traditional Italian gelato. Gelato contains less milk fat and air than ice cream, making it denser and healthier without eliminating any of the decadence. The dessert shop also whips its gelatos in-house and stores them in individual stainless steel containers that are kept at a precise temperature, which both saves energy and ensures freshness.

The gelateria's team strays from tradition when it comes to some of its flavors, however, which trend toward the exotic. Try the Black Sesame, for example, a nutty dessert infused with a customary Asian ingredient. Dig into a cup of the matcha green tea or the black tea gelatos. Or try a classic, like the chocolate hazelnut, the fior di latte, or the vanilla chocolate chip, Pitango also boasts vegan sorbets infused with real fruit if you want to skip the dairy.

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