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Savor Hawaiian Cuisine at Poke Papa, One of Zagat's Top Poke Spots in the Country

Posted on 2017-10-06 19:38:34 by

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In August of 2017, Poke Papa landed on Zagat's list of The Best Poke Spots Around the U.S., along with 10 other contenders from everywhere from Austin to Boston. It's Poke Papa's efficient build-your-own model, complete with self-serve tablets and the option to order online, coupled with its fair-trade, line-caught poke that makes this eatery a stand out in the crowd.

Since Poke Papa resides right along H Street Northwest, you can easily swing by to see why the Hawaiian spot garners so much buzz. When you step inside, be prepared to start building your poke bowl, starting with the size. After you choose the number of scoops of protein (from two to four), pick brown or white rice, antioxidant-rich black "forbidden" rice, or mixed greens. Then select the classic Ahi poke or try the Lomi salmon, spicy tuna, or ceviche instead. Next, pick a sauce like the ginger sauce or sriracha aioli, and load on toppings such as avocado or seaweed salad. Your last step is to stop at the sprinkles bar and dust your bowl with sesame seeds, coconut flakes, or any other topping that tempts your taste buds.