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Kinship Creates Community With Fare From Around the World

Posted on 2017-08-24 20:33:18 by

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Kinship is defined as "a feeling of being connected to other people." And since Kinship, a new restaurant in DC, is all about creating community, the name makes perfect sense. To that end, executive chef Eric Ziebold has designed a menu that represents America's many culinary influences provided by the melting pot of people who live here.

The menu is divvied up into several different sections, each with its own theme. The "Craft" section, for instance, homes in on a specific cooking technique. It currently offers a compressed summer melon salad, summer corn bavarois, and crispy skin black bass. "History," on the other hand, features dishes that Chef Eric discovered on his travels, from Kingship corn chowder to squid aglio e olio. "Ingredients" focuses on a single common element that ties the dishes together, and "Indulgence" dishes are exactly what they sound like—upscale eats with ingredients like Maine lobster and Moulard duck.