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Find Creative Burgers Piled High With Toppings at CaliBurger

Posted on 2017-07-17 19:47:34 by

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CaliBurger is a new DC hamburger joint located on First Street Northeast, at the Wunder Garten at Noma. Though it just opened a few weeks ago, it already has quite a few loyal followers.

It seems like everything on the menu at CaliBurger can be described as “piled high.” That starts with its signature burger, the Cali Double. With two 100% all-beef patties, melted American cheese, tomatoes, and iceberg lettuce, it’s a classic but still mouthwatering combination. The Chipotle BBQ Chicken Sandwich, with its lemon and herb marinated chicken breast, bacon, raw onion, pickles, and house made sauce, is another one that combines big flavor with the size to match. Next, there are the fries: even on their own, these golden, seasoned bites are incredibly delicious, but they really get taken to the next level when your order them Cali Style — smothered in American cheese with grilled sweet onions, and of course, Signature Sauce. Even if you tend to eat clean, this place could become your new guilty pleasure.