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You'll Find Much More than Traditional Vanilla at Milk Cult Ice Cream Shop

Posted on 2016-07-13 16:05:37 by Cassie Cataline

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Ice cream connoisseurs will appreciate the unique flavors at Milk Cult, a shop where creamy deliciousness takes priority. Try special selections like the avocado ice cream sandwich or the milk and honey cornflakes ice cream sandwich, which are sure to set Milk Cult apart from your other favorite ice cream shops.

Get ice cream pints to go if you want to plan an ice cream social at home, or stick around this stylish eatery to enjoy a cone with friends. Flavors like avocado and chocolate, bread and chocolate, and salted butter caramel popcorn are just a few unique options for you to choose from. Vegans will also delight when they see the dairy-free options available — including one made of coconut milk with Thai basil, cilantro, grated lemon zest, and chili pepper. Looking for something a bit heartier? Stop by Milk Cult’s pop-up cafe in Petworth for espresso and tacos if you need something more than sugar.