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Find Handmade Bath Products Made With Organic Ingredients at Hunnybunny Boutique

Posted on 2016-06-22 17:30:49 by Cassie Cataline

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Hunnybunny Boutique is a popular Capitol Hill boutique specializing in bath and body products. Every single item in the store is hand-made and used in the owners' home before it is carried in the store, and in that way, owners Nya and Zuri are committed to selling only safe, ethical products that they're willing to use for their own family.

In fact, many of the items this boutique manufactures and carries are actually made from familiar, food-based products you'll find in your own kitchen rather than a series of unpronounceable chemicals and other additives. Try, for example, the lemon sugar scrub, which regulars say leaves skin glowing thanks to its unique combination of lemon, grapeseed oil, and honey. You'll also find bath bars, body butter, and shampoo, which means you can outfit your entire bathroom here.