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Ethiopic: Traditional Ethiopian Fare for Foodies at Elevation at Washington Gateway

Posted on 2016-04-06 18:49:49 by Cassie Cataline

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DC has the great fortune to have many Ethiopian restaurants, and if you're looking for an authentic one near Elevation at Washington Gateway, you'll certainly want to try Ethiopic. When Samuel Ergete and Meseret Bekele opened Ethiopic in 2012, they aimed to expose Near Northside locals to the rich and flavorful cuisine of their home country. When you visit, you'll find a menu filled with both vegetarian and meat dishes served in large portions for very reasonable prices.

The newly-remodeled Ethiopic building, with its inviting bay windows and enclosed patio space, promises contemporary elegance that is matched by the decor inside. But while the ambiance at Ethiopic is thoroughly modern, the menu remains steadfastly traditional. Reviews single out the spicy, slow-cooked steak kitfo for carnivores and the shimbra asa wot chickpea dumplings for vegetarians. If you’re with friends, your best bet may be ordering one of the sampler platters, which are served in the traditional communal fashion.

401 H Street Northeast
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 675-2066