Here Are All The Answers to #NoMarksTheSpot!

April 28, 2015 | Elevation | Neighborhood
Here Are All The Answers to #NoMarksTheSpot!

That’s a wrap! Eight envelopes hidden around NoMa, eight clues to eight great participating businesses, and eight lucky winners went home with a little more padding in their pockets. Thanks to everyone who watched our Facebook page closely for the next clue. We definitely had to step up our game and make the clues harder as we went along. Below you’ll find each clue and where it led. We definitely could not have made this happen without the cooperation of the businesses below, so please support them for helping us out!

Clue #1 D City Smokehouse



We jumped right in with a shot of D City Smokehouse’s iconic red pig. Any fan of D City’s small-batch huge-demand BBQ would recognize this pig anywhere. D City Smokehouse is just an 8-minute walk from Elevation (pro tip: you can order online), so check them out next time you’re trying to figure out where to go for lunch or dinner.

Clue #2: Unleashed by Petco


Of course we have a soft spot for our furry friends (we are pet-friendly after all). The clue for Unleashed by Petco was a little more obvious because where else in NoMa are you going to find everything you need for your pet? The Unleashed in NoMa is a 7-minute walk from Elevation (maybe 10 if you let your dog stop and smell the roses)

Clue #3: Yoga NoMa


Yogi and the team at NoMa BID helped us for clue #3 at Yoga NoMa. If you’re looking for yoga classes in the neighborhood, Yoga NoMa is just a 6-minute walk from Elevation and offers classes for all levels and conveniently scheduled early morning, lunch time and after work flows and meditation sessions


Clue #4: Salt & Sundry


We couldn’t do a NoMa neighborhood scavenger hunt without including some Union Market businesses. Salt & Sundry hosted our fourth envelope and the clue was a little more difficult. Just a 7-minute walk from Elevation, you can find the city’s best southern Americana meets urban-bohemian décor for your apartment at this Union Market mainstay.


Clue #5: Tynan Coffee


Clue #5 takes us to Tynan Coffee & Tea, where the winner can now probably afford an ample supply of lattes. Tynan is just a 5-minute walk from Elevation and is our go-to spot for a variety of caffeinated beverages to get us buzzing.


Clue #6: Takorean


With the D.C. food truck scene as vibrant as it is, our sixth clue required some sleuthing. About five hours later, our lucky winner strolled into Union Market, walked up to the counter at Takorean, and scored some cash. Takorean, if you haven’t had the pleasure, serves up the district’s best Korean BBQ tacos, and is just a 7-minute walk from Elevation.


Clue #7: Smith Commons


Okay, so technically this one is outside of NoMa, but the H Street corridor is only a 20-minute walk (or a 6-minute Uber). Smith Commons is so good that President Obama has dined there, and small piece of their mural was enough for one lucky winner to figure out where to go. Check out Smith Commons’ Brunch, #CommonMondays events and happy hour specials.


Clue #8: Bardo


Our final clue took us further down H Street and up Bladensburg Road to Bardo. Bardo is perfect for this time of year: outdoor beer garden/brewery, cornhole, plenty of space so it doesn’t get crowded, and you can bring your dog, too. Walking will take you a half an hour, but again, Uber can have you there in 6-minutes.


Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped orchestrate #NoMarksTheSpot these past few weeks. We hope you all had as much fun solving the clues as we had coming up with them. Come visit us at Elevation if you’re looking for the best apartment experience in the best neighborhood in D.C.