#NoMarksTheSpot Takes Over NoMa

April 1, 2015 | Uncategorized
#NoMarksTheSpot Takes Over NoMa

Elevation NoMa Scavenger Hunt

Explorers! The best apartment building in NoMa has partnered with some of the best businesses in NoMa for a golden-ticket-scavenger-hunt we’re calling #NoMarksTheSpot. Over the next month, we’ll be hiding eight envelopes around NoMa for you to find. Each envelope earns you $25 to a certain NoMa business PLUS a $250 VISA gift card to spend as you please. To win, watch our Facebook Page where we’ll be sharing envelope locations over the next month. Show up at the featured business, ask for the envelope, and if you’re the first one, you’re one of our #NoMarksTheSpot winners! Here are the details:

  • How long does #NoMarksTheSpot last?
    • Our first clue will be posted on April 2, our last clue will be posted on April 25. The remaining six clues will be posted on pre-selected days in between.
  • What’s the schedule like?
    • Clues will be posted any day of the week, including weekends.
  • Where do I find the clues?
    • Our Facebook Page will be clue HQ for #NoMarksTheSpot. Follow Elevation to keep up with the latest clue.
  • How do I go about finding an envelope?
    • Once we post the clue and you think you know where to go, head to that business and ask one of the fine employees there if the winning envelope has been picked up yet. If you’re the first person, you’re one of our crafty winners!
  • What do I win?
    • We have a few surprises in store, but you can count on a $25 gift card to the business you find an envelope in plus a $250 VISA gift card to use however you’d like.
  • How many times can I win?
    • As much as we like the idea of someone spending eight $25 gift cards on a neighborhood crawl through NoMa, you can only win one day. But that doesn’t mean you can’t share the wealth and tell your friends about it!
  • Why NoMa?
    • Because NoMa is only the best neighborhood in the district! We love where we’re located and we want to share all the great neighboring businesses we have here in NoMa.