Five Apartment Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

December 15, 2014 | Uncategorized
Five Apartment Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

The scene: It’s 4:30 p.m. on a Thursday in December. If you’re lucky, the sun was out today for a few hours, but right about now it starts to retire for the evening. We may not have it as bad as Canada, but in the winter, daylight in DC can be scarce. Even at Elevation, where our apartments have floor-to-ceiling windows, you can find yourself in need of a little more Vitamin D in your life. To the rescue: five useful tips for beating the winter blues.

Time To Reflect. The best tip for increasing light in any home: mirrors. Big mirrors multiply light in any apartment, it just may take a little experimenting to see what placement works best for your room. Head over to houzz for some excellent ideas for mirror placement.


Spring Scents. This time of year is perfect for pumpkin spice or gingerbread candles and these scents definitely create a cozy seasonal environment, but try some spring scents like Sydney Hale’s Gardenia or Clementine + Clove candles. The aromas of these Arlington-made candles should lift you out of hibernate mode and get you excited for the warmer months.


(photo from Trove General Store)

Brighten Your Belongings. Muted tones are definitely trending in today’s décor scene, but adding a pop of color around your apartment can brighten the room and your winter mood. Create a motif of one or two matching colors to liven up your neutral tones around the room. Quick tip: Oranges, reds and yellows are considered “warm” colors. There are a few apps and theories that can help you form the perfect palette to find the right colors for your apartment.

Contemporary bedroom image
Green Thumb. With all plant life outside becoming bare in the winter months, a little greenery is a welcome sight indoors. Succulents, ferns and indoor trees add life to your apartment and tend to be fairly low maintenance roommates. Bloompop’s arrangements are on point and deliver from D.C. area florists.

(photo from bloompop)

Bring It In. A change of scenery helps, too. Better Homes & Garden recommends you “Focus on the Hearth” and bring your focus inward by rearranging your furniture and adding extra pillows and throws to give a warm and cozy vibe.